Best Guest WiFi Experience Is A Must

Public WiFi

Nobody likes filling lengthy forms or waiting for a SMS OTP to get access to WiFi. Due to regulatory requirements  business have no choice and his guest has to go through this painful process again and again.

At BhaiFi we understand how important is to make login process super simple. An awesome gust login experience frequently converts into good customer rating on public platforms. Not just that, a business earn valuable customer data which later on converts into a solid marketing tool.

BhaiFi has built a number of features based on end user feedback which no other system has and this is what makes unique. Following are list of features –

  1. Universal customer account – User he has to go through OTP verification only once, after that he can simply login using same email id and password at any of BhaiFi hotspot, easy – isn’t it.
  2. The OTP issue – Sometime user carry foreign mobile number or face delayed OTP due to network issues. No worries, we have world class domestic & international SMS gateway embedded so that  super fast OTP delivery can be ensured and even if  OTP gets delayed user can give a missed call on our Toll Free Number – 01130797270 to activate his/her account.
  3. Whitelist – Whitelist is a feature for Hotels, offices and other venues where restricted access is provided for a specific time to the user. Just login to portal ( and go to User Setings -> Whitelist. Here you can create user account and specify start and end date time for his access. No other user can access your Guest WiFi. Customer can be informed about WiFi login at the time of check in/subscription.
  4. AutoConnect – Most amazing feature of BhaiFi. At business where user stays for longer period like for weeks or months, asking login each time is a pain. Using auto-connect customer has to login once and after that each time they enter in WiFi range they will automatically get connected just like your home WiFi. This feature truly make user experience to the next level.

At BhaiFi we are always trying to take user experience to the next level. If you have any thoughts/queries we would love to hear, just email us at – and we will get back to you.

After all we are BhaiFi – Not Just WiFi.


Cafe And Restaurant WiFi

Gone are the days when customers enter into a cafe to have a good quality tea or coffee. Today Cafe’s and Restaurants are more of a co-working space, hangout zone with friends and a business meeting point. Startup founders and youngsters today find these neighborhood cafes convenient and cost effective to use as an office or meeting point.

In order to choose a cafe the single most important factor is Cafe’s Free WiFi offering. 72% cafe or restaurant today offer free WiFi. On the other side for a cafe owner providing free WiFi hotpot is a way to increase business but also a security risk and additional internet bandwidth cost.

There are mandatory legal guidelines from government which should be fulfilled before opening up cafe WiFi for customers along with management issues to be taken care of because bandwidth is costly and if left un-managed restaurant staff will misuse it along with customers.

BhaiFi takes care of both these issues. First BhaiFi use verified customer mobile phone number for registration and accounting. So that if someone did something incorrect on your network you should be able to trace them. Second BhaiFi provides an online account from where a restaurant owner can control and manage every aspect of their WiFi be it putting up speed limits for each customer or checking out who is using how much of free internet.

At BhaiFi we do not just aim to provide an ordinary system but a very useful and advance WiFi Hotspot which helps Restaurant, Cafe or any other business to create secure Guest Hotspot and increase their business. After all We are “BhaiFi – Not Just WiFi”